Romantic Hairstyles with Flower Crown

Wearing a crown of flowers will give your hairstyle a romantic and feminine atmosphere. There are many ways to remove it, from simple and easy to sophisticated and elaborate. Find the most interesting of them in the following gallery.

Did you know that all fashion experts think that a wreath looks really romantic? So you can wear it on a date and your honey will love your looks.

Such looks are very popular as prom hairstyles today. Wear a DIY flower crown and all your friends will envy you. Choose the flowers you like the most. However, keep in mind that they will be in your hair and therefore not far from your nose. So the smell of these flowers should not be too intoxicating.

To make this accessory, wrap a wire around the head. This will help you to know the exact size of the crown. After measuring the head, take leaves and greenery and wrap it around the wire. The wire must be covered. Otherwise, the accessory will be rough.