Fantastic And Unique Ideas How to Propose To Your Second Half

Getting married or engaged is always exciting. However, there is something that is prior to those events. The proposal. Of course, the way you propose will be remembered and carried through ages that is why you need to make sure it is worth it. In case, you are looking for the best proposal ways – we have a fair share of interesting ideas to suggest. The fact is that you need to choose the way to propose judging by your and your second half preferences. This means that even if none of these proposals suit you – they will surely inspire you for some sparkling ideas of your own!

 There are many romantic ways to propose however in many cases pairs choose to do it in public. Use these marriage proposals public ideas to make the day unforgettable.

  • You can pick the place you both like and go there. Once you reach the destination, you can ask someone just to take a picture of you. As your unsuspecting second half gets ready to pose – you get ready to propose!
  • Go to a music concert but talk to the band in advance. Let her favorite song play as you propose.
  • If you want to grant your proposal some playful vibe – ask a street caricaturist to draw a picture of the two of you. Ask him in advance to add the fateful words to the picture.
  • Take out your loved one on a treasure hunt date and end it with the proposal.
  • Ask a skywriter to spell the proposal up in the sky, so that no one can miss it.
  • Place your proposal in the newspaper and then ask your loved one to enjoy a cup of coffee as you read the news!