40+ Sensational Winter Nail Colors to Warm Up Your Hands

A mani with accent nails has never lost its popularity since its emergence. Some beauty experts do wonder why so but we, fashionistas, hate stuffing our heads with nonsense. Thus, instead of digging into the history of nail art, let’s talk about the present trends. And not only talk but try to create trendy nail designs, as well.

Winter nail colors are exactly what you need right now when the season strikes. The thing is that the way your nails look, plays a very important part in the perfection of your look, as a whole. In case, you are still unsure what is the trendiest idea to pull off when holidays come, we may have a handful of fresh looks, which can’t wait to be pulled off by you! Pick any of the shades listed below and you will look irresistible anywhere you go!

Winter colored nails should be all about the definition of the holiday spirit. We think that purple suits the role perfectly. No matter how deep you go, sparkly or not, purple will save any day! Try it out!