20 Best Feminine Bedroom Designs for 2018

A woman will most likely prefer her bedroom to be cozy, inviting, bright and decorated with all sorts of little things. The bed occupies a prime role in the décor but a woman’s bedroom is not limited to functionality. It also has a more artistic side. Certain prints are very popular in such cases.

For example, women like flowers and cute things and the colors they prefer tend to be more on the romantic side. They decorate their bedrooms with pastels, lovely curtains and lighting fixtures that are real works of art.

Of course, not all women are like this. Some prefer simplicity and there are cases when the usual floral patterns and accents can be completely missing from the décor. Instead, they can be replaced by simpler designs, geometric patterns, and more abstract designs. Nevertheless, whatever the case is, a woman’s bedroom will also tend to look elegant and stylish.

Source from http://homedecor17.com/2017/09/30/50-blue-bedroom-ideas-women/

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